Our Show News

Semi–Longhair Cat Club of QLD – Show Results

Our annual All-Breeds Championship Show was held on Sunday 24th May 2015 at the PCYC, Les Hughes Sporting Complex, at Bray Park. 

Many thanks to our sponsors: Black Hawk and Oz-Pet.

Thank you also to our lovely judges, and to our enthusiastic exhibitors and their wonderful cats and kittens.

Our panel of judges:

Margaret Harris (NZCF) - Longhairs & Companions

Cathy Webb (NZCF) - Longhairs & Companions

Denise Spurrell (FCCV) - Shorthairs

Fiona Hawkins (GCCFSA) - Shorthairs

Judy Lewis (QFA) - Shorthairs

Nadine Savage (QFA) - Longhairs & Companions


Marisa Thistlewaite (QFA), who judged our Semi-longhair Specialty Ring


Supreme Longhair Exhibit - Fidelis Catching Fire, Maine Coon, br/exh T. Lamb

Supreme Shorthair Exhibit - Manis Just Pure Sass, Sphynx, br/exh R. McGregor & S. Henrickson

Supreme Companion Exhibit - Cleopatra, exh L. DuVallier & M. Auld

Supreme Semi-longhair Exhibit - Fidelis Lollipop, Maine Coon, br/exh T. Lamb

Supreme Semi-longhair Companion Exhibit - Dora the Explorer, exh L. DuVallier & M. Auld

ACF Award - Kittykatz Calamity Jane, Burmese, br T. Cox & R. Clark; exh N. Savage


Supreme Longhair Fidelis Catching Fire, with br/exh Tracey Lamb & judge Cathy Webb

Supreme Shorthair Manis Just Pure Sass with br/exh R. McGregor & judge Margaret Harris

Supreme Companion Cleopatra with exhibitor Lynda DuVallier & judge Denise Spurrell

Supreme Semi-longhair Fidelis Lollipop with br/exh T. Lamb & judge Marisa Thistlewaite

Supreme Semi-longhair Companion Dora the Explorer with exhibitor Lynda DuVallier & judge Marisa Thistlewaite