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Show Results 2013

Our Second Annual All Breeds Championship Show was held on Sunday 26th May 2013 at Kingston State High School with nearly 150 entries. Again the show was sponsored by Royal Canin and Oz-Pet, as well as a generous donation of prizes by Tracey Lamb.

Our panel of judges was led by Jeffrey Roberts (TICA USA) and Allan Raymond (CFA USA), our first international judges, Rod U'Ren (FCCV) and Rhondda Watson (NSW CFA) our interstate judges, with Judy Lewis (QFA), Chris Merritt (CFCCQ), Marisa Thistlewaite (QFA) and Terry Barrett (QFA) completing the panel. Allan judged our Semi-longhair Specialty Ring


Supreme Longhair Exhibit - Babybest Cat Millesime, Persian, Tammy Rushton

Supreme Shorthair Exhibit - Ambritt Hurricane Harry, British Shorthair, Julie & Aaron Maas

Supreme Companion Exhibit - True Blue, Maureen & Richard King-Turner

Supreme Semi-Longhair Exhibit - Fidelis Indigo Sky, Maine Coon, Tracey Lamb

Supreme Semi-Longhair Companion Exhibit - Zues , Amanda Ashby