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Fidelis Maine Coons are the only breeders in Queensland doing the health checks to date. Maine Coons need to be ultra-sounded for HCM every two years to decide if they are sound enough to breed from; DNA test for HCM is not good enough. Beware of breeders who only DNA test.
Here at Fidelis Maine Coons we also test our cats’ temperaments by showing them, and making sure we are breeding to type. If you want a kitten with a sound temperament, buy from a breeder who shows regularly - not just once or twice a year.
Fidelis Maine Coons have proven what great temperaments they have: they are consistent Best in Show winners, and most of our stud cats have won either a Best in Show or Reserve in Show at a National - the ultimate test for any breed.
We pride ourselves on producing these Gentle Gaints with sound bodies, sound minds, and with temperaments to die for.
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